Simple Dog Care

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Simple Dog Care by Lerida Grant with Dr. Lisa Chimes and Dr. Joanne Righetti.

7 steps to a healthy, happy dog.

Do you want to stop guessing what's best for your dog and get some real direction Are you a busy person looking for some simple tips to improve the health and wellbeing of your best friend? Have you stayed with the same dog care regime without reassessing it for your dog's current age, weight and activity level?

Caring for a dog is a joy, so why has it become so complicated and stressful? Accidental pet expert Lerida Grant outlines a simple 7 step plan to help your dog get on the path to a longer, healthier and happier life - without all the guesswork. Helped by We are Pets Ambassadors Dr Lisa Chimes (vet) and Dr Joanne Righetti (animal behaviourist), Lerida outlines:

  • the 7 steps to simple dog care - diet, protection against parasites, exercise, dental care, behaviour and training, grooming, and vet care
  • tips to make each step as simple as possible
  • the plain English facts to help you care for your dog - not the marketing mumbo-jumbo
  • how and where to get expert advice
  • how to lower your pet care costs by making informed decisions

Also included is a bonus section on responsible dog ownership, with tips on choosing the right dog for you.