Save Lives - Help Desex a Cat

Animal Welfare League NSW

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We are committed to desexing more cats to reduce the number of pets ending up in pounds, shelters or adding to the feral cat population. Your gift will help ensure more cats are desexed. This protects not only the cat population but also our native wildlife.

By selecting this product, you are donating towards the general services of Animal Welfare League NSW to help reduce the number of unwanted pets in the community. This item is not part of our subsidised desexing program. Please contact AWL NSW on 02 8899 3333 if you are seeking to have your pet desexed.  

You will receive a printed card in the mail to give to a friend or family member to help spread joy and the gift of hope. 

If you would rather NOT be sent a card in the mail, please include a note in the 'special instructions for seller' section when checking out.