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Animal Welfare League NSW

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Sponsor an AWL NSW kennel
Animal Welfare League NSW needs your support to operate our more than 100 kennels located at our Kemps Creek and Ingleside shelters.  We’re looking for kind-hearted dog lovers and altruistic corporates to sponsor at least one of these kennels on an annual basis.

What your sponsorship provides
Your donation will be used to care for each of the dogs accommodated in your sponsored kennel as well as the ongoing kennel upkeep for the year.

In recognition of your support a plaque with your name, message and/or corporate logo will be placed on your adopted kennel.

You will also receive bi-annual photos and an update on some of the dogs who have resided in your kennel whilst waiting to find their forever home.

How much does it cost
More than 500 dogs and puppies are cared for and rehomed from our kennels each year.  The operating costs of each kennel is approximately $416 per month for food, treats, water, toys and comfy beds….as well as the medical care and behavioural work to keep these abandoned, surrendered and neglected pups active and healthy.

For a donation of just $1,000 you can sponsor one of these kennels for one year, This can be a contribution from an individual, a company, a group of friends, coworkers or family members.

How do I sponsor a kennel?
Simply purchase this product on our online store and we'll be in touch to finalise the details for your custom-made plaque. This donation is 100% tax deductible.