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Cat Toileting Problems Solved Book

Cat Toileting Problems Solved Book

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Understand and stop your cat's unwanted toileting behaviour.

Why do cats pee, poo and spray in all the wrong places?

Cats toilet. It's a natural behaviour but just what causes some cats to deposit their odourous waste all over your home? Illness, cleanliness, litter tray woes and stress are all reasons for inappropriate elimination.

But how do you stop the unwanted toilet behaviour?

In Cat Toileting Problems Solved, you will discover:

  • How to tell if your cat has a toileting problem
  • What is causing your cat to toilet inappropriately
  • How to stop the unwanted toileting behaviour

About the Author

Animal behaviour consultant Dr. Joanne Righetti helps pet owners and animal organisations understand pet behaviour, solve problems and build the human-animal bond.